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Kingswood School

Kingswood School in Bath have been operating a large kitchen and dining area for many years, however due to the popularity of their sixth form, they began to search for alternative serving arrangements.

They identified part of the school known as the Day Rooms for refurbishment and a redesign, which QCM in conjunction with the school would turn into their own high-street cafe - an attractive space that would benefit the school and students alike.

A servery counter was designed with CED Fabrications, with Kubus drop in units, styled to the school's specification. A Hobart pass-through dishwasher with tabling from CED was installed in the newly built service room, to support the new servery.

A Williams multideck chilled display sits alongside breakfast bars and seating from Boss Furniture to give this educational space the look and feel of a high-end coffee shop.

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