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Paco Tapas

After completing Casamia early in 2016, we started on two projects for the Sanchez Brothers at once; Pi Shop and Paco Tapas. Both having an equal focus at first, Peter and his team decided that Pi Shop would open first with Paco Tapas to follow later.

Pete Sanchez-Iglesias wanted to create a strongly 

Spanish influenced tapas bar in Bristol, with his typical flair, and a multitude of small-plate restaurants opening in Bristol in recent years, an authentic atmosphere was the aim.

Pete and his development chef Josh Green, whilst busy with Casamia and Pi Shop, had already begun recipe development which guided our choices of equipment. Again, working with Clay Oven Company we produced a "one-of a kind" wood buring grill, taking elements from both their robata and asado grills - to create something truly unique that could match the impressiveness of the copper clad pizza oven next door.

The limited space available meant being creative to provide enough working space for the chefs and the bar staff, whilst maintaining the maximum amount of space for diners. To achieve this we created two serve-over bars, one for drinks and another for food where you can watch the chefs cooking on the wood grill. To get the most storage from this arrangement we used BRIX storage units, on both the rear wall and suspended above the bars.

As with Pi Shop, the kitchen is backed up with Foster EcoPro G2 and Precision refrigeration and a custom-painted, hand-powered slicer from Linda Lewis.

The description however does not do this restaurant justice, the space is cosy, the atmosphere is warm and vaguely smoky and above all the food is outstanding. Paco Tapas may be some of the best work that QCM has produced. We are very proud of the finished result and is a fitting memorial to Peter's brother Jonray.

Paco Tapas has been awarded a Michelin Star in the 2018 Guide.

Peter and all his team have put in a huge amount of work to get this recognition and we are enormously proud to have helped them on the way. 

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